From quick and comfortable hair removal to luxurious facials and muscle-melting massage… take your pick from an enviable selection of skin care services, hand chosen by us exclusively for guys.


From quick and comfortable hair removal to luxurious facials and muscle-melting massage… take your pick from an enviable selection of skin care services, hand chosen by us exclusively for guys.

Male Waxing Treatments

Torso Waxing Treatments

Smooth chests, hairless backs and fuzz-free shoulders are order of the day, and we’re your go-to groomers for fast and friendly de-forestation. So put down that razor and step away from the tube of Veet. If you’re serious about losing that winter coat, waxing is your new best friend.

  • Chest£20
  • Abs£20
  • Chest & Abs£30
  • Nape of Neck£15
  • Lower Back£15
  • Shoulders£15
  • Upper Back & Shoulders£25
  • Full Back & Shoulders£35

Facial Waxing Treatments

If it looks like Rapunzel has moved into your nose and your ear fur would put a pit pony to shame, it’s time to take action. Forget tweezing or trimming: facial waxing lasts longer and hurts remarkably less than plucking each solitary hair out by the light of your bathroom mirror.

  • Eyebrows£15
  • Nostrils£7
  • Ears£7
  • Cheekbones£7

Arm Waxing Treatments

Overgrown pit hair and gorilla-like knuckles are a look best left to the animal kingdom. Go out on a limb: tackle that fuzz and feel human again with a spot of prudent pruning.

  • Underarms£15
  • Full Arm & Hands£35
  • Upper Arms£15
  • Forearms & Hands£25
  • Hands & Fingers£10

Leg Waxing Treatments

Smooth pins aren’t just for the ladies. Particularly popular with sporty types, gym goers and superheroes, hair-free legs can improve performance, increase comfort and enhance muscle definition. Just ask Superman.

  • Full Legs & Feet£50
  • Upper Legs£30
  • Lower Legs & Feet£30
  • Feet & Toes£10

Intimate Waxing Treatments

It’s true what they say: trim the bush and the tree looks taller. As luck would have it, we just so happen to specialise in intimate waxing for men (a.k.a. Brazilian waxing or the infamous ‘back, sac and crack’). Why risk your crown jewels in the hands of anyone else?

  • Buttocks (cheeks & crack)£20 – £30
  • Groin (penis, scrotum & mons pubis)£40 – £50
  • Brazilian (butt & groin)£60 – £70

Waxing Combos

From your nose to your toes… save time and money on your hair removal treatments with our great value waxing combos.

  • Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils£25
  • Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs£55
  • Back, Shoulders & Brazilian£85
  • Legs & Brazilian£95
  • Full Body, no Brazilian£150
  • Full Body, with Brazilian£195


Clippering Services

Trimming services are discounted at checkout when combined with any body waxing treatment.

  • Chest & Abs£15
  • Back & Shoulders£15
  • Arms£20
  • Underarms£8
  • Legs£30

Men’s Skincare Treatments

Facial Treatments

Your face is your fortune, so take time to protect your investment. All of our facial treatments fuse the therapeutic benefits of pure, single-estate plant oils with natural aromatic essences, and are customised to the specific requirements of your own skin. The only choice you need to make is “how long?” and then leave the rest to us.

  • Revive – 45 minutes£50
  • Balance – 60 minutes£65
  • Peace – 90 minutes£85

Express M.O.T.

Eyebrow shape, nostril and ear wax. The quickest and easiest way to knock years off the appearance. Banish the monobrow and shift those unsightly ear and nose tendrils with the fastest facelift in town.

  • 15 mins£25

Back Cleanse and Tone

An invigorating heat treatment to melt away tension, refine skin texture and clear congestion. Our deep cleansing back scrub and purifying thermal mud mask will leave your skin squeaky clean, coupled with a pressure point massage of the back, shoulders and legs to complete the experience.

  • 45 minutes£55


Indian Head Massage

Banish mental fatigue with this revitalising massage of the shoulders, neck, face and scalp. Partner with a hair wash and cut for the ultimate pre-party boost.

  • 30 mins£35
  • 30 mins with wash & haircut£50

Back & Shoulder Massage

Our popular signature massage. Firm but flowing, incorporating techniques from around the world to smooth away knots and improve circulation.

  • 30 mins£35

Face, Neck & Scalp Massage

Pressure point work combined with lymphatic drainage techniques for a deeply relaxing experience. Includes a rejuvenating eye contour massage to refresh tired peepers.

  • 30 mins£35

Full Body Massage

Soothe aching muscles and bring yourself back to ‘base rhythm’ with our stress-busting combination of classic therapeutic massage, reflex point techniques and deep tissue manipulation.

  • 60 mins£60

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